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Darkfield Radio Reviews - Double

Reviews and quotes from the press about DOUBLE, our new immersive audio experience on Darkfield Radio.

The season has been extended until the end of September, click here to purchase tickets.

"...the sinister soundscape sweeps you up in a wave of irrational fear."

Time Out

★★★★ Link to article

“...I’ve been chest-clenching the entire time.”


“...a haunting listening experience which is both entertaining and terrifying.”


“DOUBLE was metaphysical”

Theatre Haus

“Prepare to have your truths shaken and the familiar warped...”

Concrete Playground

“It isn't relationship counselling, it's art ”

The Age

★★★ ½

“DARKFIELD’s signature audio experiences direct to your home for a chilling encounter.”

Eat Drink Play

“3D sonic effects ... so real that it’s hard to believe there isn’t someone in your kitchen”


★★★ ½

“...extremely unsettling, unnerving and downright creepy”

Scene In Perth

“...this experience left my pulse was racing and my hands sweaty and clammy.”

Tay Around Town

“...unlike any other date night we’d had.”

The Plus Ones

“This audio experience is truly remarkable...”

OUT in Perth

“Double forces the listener to question how well they know their loved ones...”


The below quotes are from UK publications, please follow this ticket link for Australian session times.

“...what has been created fills their senses and the room around them...”

The Stage ★★★★

“...unsettling audio that turns your home into a sci-fi dystopia”

The Guardian ★★★★

“...the physical plane of consciousness is stripped away into an unrecognisable domain of intensity...”

The Reviews Hub ★★★★


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