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DARKFIELD featured on TimeOut | Sydney

Read the TimeOut article here.

Confront your biggest fears in a pitch-black shipping container.

If you’ve ever wanted to submerge yourself in another (considerably more frightening) world of plane crashes and ghostly séances, look no further. After a long time away, the terrifyingly brilliant alt-universe of DARKFIELD is finally making its grandiose return to Sydney – and boy, are we shivering in our wee little boots already.

This 360-degree sensory experience has long captured attention for its crazy ability to transport its users into an alternative dimension full of darkness, chilling sounds and wild, unflinching terror. Designed by UK-based creative directors Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, this experience goes down in a specially-made shipping container that will be temporarily set up outside the Powerhouse Museum. DARKFIELD is an experience that straddles technology, theatre and horror movies, with punters made to sit inside a tiny space in total darkness while an immersive audio experience (through headphones, shall we add) takes them far, far away to a scary someplace else.


'SÉANCE' and 'FLIGHT' are the two wild experiences that Sydneysiders will get the chance to sit in on, and each of them will bring their own individual brand of eeriness for those willing to take the ride.

'SÉANCE' is a 20-minute experience built on group psychology – but with a ghosty, creepy twist. Intense and all-immersive, once you’re strapped in, you’ll feel like you really are communing with the dead. For reference, when a Time Out Melbourne staffer went, they summed it up by saying; “As is usually the case with séances in art, things don't go strictly to plan, and spirits don't stay contained in the places you'd hope. That's when things get really scary – and 20 minutes will feel like a lot more”.

'FLIGHT', is something else altogether. When another Time Out staffer experienced 'FLIGHT', they said it was a “pretty terrifying ride through time and space, with an ear-splitting soundscape that mimics the experience of screaming through the void as you hurtle towards the Earth... or do you?”

DARKFIELD is all about plunging you into the darkest depths of your wildest fears and deepest anxieties – and then drawing you out the other side. It will only be at the Powerhouse Museum for a limited time, and tickets are expected to get snagged up fairly quickly (we’re all gluttons for punishment, it seems).

As such, we recommend you book in now. You (probably) won’t regret it. Just don’t do it before you have to catch a flight. Or if you’re scared of the dark.

General admission tickets are $25, while Concession is $20. DARKFIELD is only suitable for people aged 13 and older, but 13 to 15 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Get tickets to DARKFIELD here.


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