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Do you dare step inside?

Whether you miss the spooky season already, or you’re keen to get away from the cheerful Christmas crowds, you’ll be glad to know that DARKFIELD is back in Melbourne. After terrifying us earlier this year with four shipping container experiences, they’re back for another round of immersive chills and thrills. Step into the white shipping containers, put on headphones and lose yourself in the darkness. As your other senses heighten, your grip on reality will be challenged by the use of binaural audio, sensory deprivation and special effects. If you missed out last time, or you’re keen to try another experience, DARKFIELD is back [...].


Presented by Realscape Productions, these shipping containers are setting up in the heart of Chinatown. All of the different shows are fear-inducing in their own way, making your palms sweat with their 360-degree, binaural sound experiences. All shows are suitable for audience members over 13, but those aged between 13 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


Lay flat on your back on your own bunk bed and feel engulfed by the darkness. This experience will cause you to slip into a collective dream state, and explore the horrors that lurk within the deepest corners of your mind.


This communal experience uses 360-degree sound and speech recognition technology to immerse you into a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel. In your mind, you’ll walk through rooms, down corridors, into the lift and in between floors. Each moment will take you deeper into the dream.


The economy section of a real plane has been installed in this shipping container. This unsettling experience jolts you through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes, exploring the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Find out all the different things that could happen if the cabin you’re in suddenly loses air pressure.


This experience uses binaural sound to put you in the centre of a supernatural experience. Place your trust in the hands of a medium, and try to contact the spirit world.

Get tickets to DARKFIELD here.


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