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DARKFIELD Melbourne featured on Concrete Playground

Read Concrete Playground's article here.

The masters of immersive thrills behind DARKFIELD are back to give Melbourne some IRL spine tingles. [...] DARKFIELD is finally headed back to our city, with two unnerving new shows and a couple of return favourites in tow.

The series is gearing up to make its Melbourne return [...], where it'll deliver four different unsettling productions, each taking place in blacked-out shipping containers and promising to totally mess with your sense of reality.

Making its local debut, is the new (and oh-so-creepy-sounding) show, EULOGY. This one sees audience members transported through a dark, labyrinthine hotel under the guidance of a chaperone. 360-degree sound and speech recognition technology are used to lend an eerie dreamlike vibe, and we're told you'll want to stick to the correct path lest you befall some terrible fate at the end of your journey.

Another DARKFIELD creation hitting us for the very first time, is COMA, which unfolds as you lie in a bunk bed and tumble into a dream state along with your fellow supine participants. The total darkness aims to impart a spooky sense of solitude, leaving you to be properly engulfed by the show's multi-sensory elements.

Having earned a cult following on previous visits here and overseas, sell-out shows SÉANCE and FLIGHT will also be getting a run throughout DARKFIELD's visit. The former again plays on the concept of sensory deprivation, thrusting audiences on a journey into the supernatural realm as they join a medium in trying to contact the spirit world.

As the name suggests, FLIGHT takes place on board an imagined plane, sending passengers tripping through dual worlds as they're forced to ponder the many possible outcomes if the cabin suddenly happened to lose pressure. A nerve-jangler, for sure; even for those who aren't afraid of flying.

The four shows are set to make their home in Chinatown at 138 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, with multiple sessions of each running throughout Darkfield's two-month stint. You'll pay $25 for a ticket to COMA, SÉANCE or FLIGHT, and $30 to immerse yourself in EULOGY, while concession tickets all clock in at $20.

Get tickets to DARKFIELD here.


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