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New Broadcast: VISITORS

A dead couple looks for a temporary solution to a permanent problem...

VISITORS broadcasts from Friday 16 October, tickets are available via Ticketek.

The experience follows DOUBLE as the second broadcast on Darkfield Radio, using 360 degree sound, designed to be experienced in your own home.

To set up for VISITORS, two participants sit facing each other in a living room, approximately 3m apart, with the furniture between them cleared away.

If the living room doesn't have a door that can close, it is best to select another room.

"With its sharp script, brilliant delivery and entertaining mix of fear, discomfort and excitement, ‘Visitors’ is exactly the kind of chilling experience fans have come to expect from DARKFIELD." - Trista Coulter, Scenestr

Two females itting in chairs in a living room. Each is wearing headphones and listening to the Darkfield Radio show.


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