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FLIGHT lands in Mandurah this December

FLIGHT, the second installation of the highly acclaimed multi-sensory series, DARKFIELD, will make its regional Australian premiere in Mandurah from 4 to 20 December 2020.

Presented by Realscape Productions (AU) in association with Darkfield (UK), FLIGHT is part of the DARKFIELD Series, three ubiquitous white sea-containers that each explore a theme of fear and anxiety, whilst plunging audiences into complete darkness.

Not to be confused with a flight simulator, although the 40ft sea-container is decked out with plane parts from the economy section of a retired airliner, the science-fiction experience explores the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics, jolting audiences between this universe and alternates.

There are many worlds in which the plane lands safely...

As with all DARKFIELD experiences, a strange world is built from 360 degree binaural sound that perplexes the senses, deepening the immersion by casting doubt on what is real and what is imagined. Loss of vision heightens the remaining senses, making them vulnerable to manipulation.

FLIGHT was one of The West Australian Critic’s Choice Weekly Winners at FRINGE WORLD Festival in Perth earlier this year.

The upcoming season in Mandurah will be Australia’s regional premiere, having previously toured to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The season is proudly supported by the City of Mandurah as part of their hugely popular summer events program, including an exciting Christmas Lights Trail through the City Centre and the iconic Christmas Lights Canal Cruises.

Building on the city’s ‘Mandurah as the Capital of Christmas’ theme with month-long festivities, the 30 minute experience pairs perfectly with dinner and drinks - which may be needed to calm the nerves of those with a fear of flying.

For more information on FLIGHT, visit the show page.


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